11 Amazing Facts You Will Know with Cardiology Fellowship Degree

Interested to know of the most amazing facts about cardiology? These are exactly what you will learn about in this post, so stay tuned and start reading now. Check them out below when getting ready for cardiology fellowships.

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Amazing Facts to Know with Cardiology Fellowship Degree

  1. Average: On the average, an adult’s heart beats about 100,000 times a day (72 times in one minute). In a year, it beats 3,600,000 times, and 2.5B times in his lifetime.
  2. Energy: A heart can maneuver a truck for 20 miles with the energy that it creates every day. It is just like driving to and from the moon in a lifetime.
  3. Blood: Even if the heart only weighs eleven (11) ounces, it can work and pump up to 2,000 gallons of blood via the 60,000 miles of blood vessels per day.
  4. Blood circulation: The heart can pump blood to all parts of the body, totaling to 75 trillion cells. It is only the eye’s corneas that do not receive blood supply from the heart.
  5. Blood percentage: Five percent of a human’s blood is delivered to the heart; from 15% to 20% is delivered to the central nervous system and brain; and 22% is delivered to the kidneys.
  6. Heartbeat: This amazing organ begins beating at four weeks right after conception and it continues until death.
  7. Heart size: The average or approximate size of the heart is that of the fist.
  8. Heartbeat of a baby: A newborn’s heart beats about 120 times per minute.
  9. Athlete heartbeat: The approximate rest rate for the heart of a trained athlete is 40-60 beats in one minute.
  10. Heart disease: It is the number one killer disease among men and women in the US.
  11. Pumping blood: By 70 years old, a person’s heart has already pumped about 50 million gallons of blood.

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